We love our clients and they love us right back!

At Big Tree World, we have had the pleasure of designing websites for some amazing clients. Recently, we designed the website for the Student Medical Society of Saskatchewan’s Healthcare Classic Event. Last week, we were surprised with a token of appreciation: a plaque and t-shirt!


Thanks, SMSS!

Plaque from SMSS

Thanks so much, SMSS! We really appreciate your appreciation!

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The Clash of Ignorance, the Unstable Political Situations, and the Loss of Culture

In the recent years, the world has seen an unfortunate increase in conflict between the East and the West. After the horrific events on September 11th, 2001, the magnitude of the international strife has increased profoundly. Regrettably, this conflict has multiplied, rendering the global situation direr as the years pass. These conflicts occur due to a combination of factors, which, if remedied, can affect the future in significantly positive way. This is important because these conflicts have already led to millions of deaths and a negative image of both sides in the other’s eyes. The negative image has led to prejudice, anger, and irrational behaviour on the global scale, including acts of terrorism and violence. As the world moves further into a globalized and pluralistic state, the importance of reducing these conflicts becomes more paramount than ever. In order to secure a bright, globally cooperative future, it is necessary to take measure which can alleviate some of the strains which cause conflict.


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Williamizing: Episode 2 – The Historie of Robert the Sponge


By Rameez M Virji


By William Shakespeare


Scene i

A Portrait


Enter Pirate, Robert, and Children.

PIRATE: Be thou all prepar’d?

ALL: ‘Tis so, Lord.

PIRATE: Ottis Media! Repeat thou!

ALL: ‘Tis so, dear Lord, ‘tis so.

PIRATE: O! Who doth live in a

Exotic apple,

Live under Poseidon’s tomb?

ALL: It must be Robert the Sponge,

He who hath the quadrilateral trousers!


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Williamizing: Episode 1–The Comedie of the Freshe Prince of Belaire

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a blogseries I am starting, called “Williamizing”. Basically, I will take popular stuff and turn it into a Shakespeare play. I’m stoked like a bonfire.


By Rameez M Virji



By William Shakespeare



Scene i

A Chair


Enter Willard, on Chair, accompanied by Lord, Duchess, and Torchbearers.

LORD: Sir, what be thy story?

WILLARD: I shall tell it now.

This is the histoire, telling of how

My life ’twas returned complete round.

‘Twas flipped.

LORD: Flipped, sir!


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